“…bought some of your gluten-free bakery items at The Buzz and I love them! Thank you for making them. I would have bought more often, but they’re often out of them!”

Kim S

“I HAD to purchase another ice cream sandwich to get your email address correct. :-)”


“We just tried your gluten-free treats and LOVE them.”


Nestled in the hills of Vermont, is a gluten free kitchen pumping out happy food -
from a Kalamata olive and garlic bread, to vegan, gluten free, and dairy free options.

Our Mission:
Feel'N Gluten Free aims to help people make better choices about what they feed their bodies, without sacrificing quality and taste.

Feel'N Gluten Free brings creativity and originality to the gluten free and vegan palate, providing tasty and unusual baked and frozen items.

Kitchen is NOT nut free.